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So I get pulled over today by the cops today and I’m like whatever its probably about the stupid registration sticker that the DMV hasn’t sent yet, whatever. The first thing this dick does is ask whether or not I have guns or drugs on me. He then asks me what part of Rhode Island I’m from and I of course say Pawtucket. He then goes on to ask if I’m from the John St area and of course no I’m not. He then tells me that because I was driving around that area makes me suspicious because that area is known for drugs and violence. He then asks me if its ok for him to search my car and while doing this wants to search me and puts my arms behind my back to search me and my fucking car. He also said me going for a leisurely drive is suspicious and gives me a warning and lets me go. The town of Attleboro will be getting a letter of compliant as well as the Attleboro police.

Other ways to prove a point.

I’m not down with these people killing black kids, Im getting really fucking sick of it,but we as a black community have got to stop trying to prove a point with violence. There is a way to prove a point of what is right and wrong through intelligence and class rather then looking like a bunch of idiots with no dam sense. How is looting defending the boy that got killed? How is causing a riot going to make anyone take us seriously? We got to start getting smarter. I always wonder what Martin Luther King would think of stuff like this if he was alive.

Total - What About Us
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Total What About Us

I’m here laying down with one eye open and I begin to play this song and completely head nod and twerk myself out of bed lmao. Classic Missy and Timbo are the bestttttttt, takes me back to the Giga Pet and Digimon virtual pet days.


"Do not think this ends here…  The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!"

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i want dogs to be allowed at more places and i want children under 6 to not be


Pie Comic by John McNamee [tumblr]


Pie Comic by John McNamee [tumblr]

Persona 3 Art Works - by Shigenori Soejima