New Super Mario Bros. U’s $59.99 price tag too much?

The first videogame I played as a kid was Super Mario bros, and over the years I have kept Mario, Luigi, and Peach in my heart still till this day, but I think for the first time EVER. I wont be picking up a Mario related launch game at the Wii U launch. I honestly cannot justify spending $60 on a game that honestly should be at most $39.99. The New Super Mario bros series is the perfect example of where I was afraid Nintendo would end up doing. When I first played it on the DS I was amazed I will admit. When I played it on the Wii, I was wondering why the game was overly similar, but didn’t think much of it cause they added Yoshi to the mix. New Super Mario bros 2 however, I started to just grow tired of it and the music. Nintendo, how hard is it to change the music tracks in the bg? Now New Super Mario Bros U is coming out and you can use your Mii and the Map is suppose to resemble Super Mario World’s map which is cool and all but still…. That isn’t something that’s attracting me to the game personally.

I made this Mash-Up tonight hahaha. LMFAO’s Sexy and I know it vs DK Jr’s theme from Super Mario Kart with a Sega Genesis soundboard remix.

Feeling good

Beatboxing Donut plains from Super Mario Kart. One day I will have the courage to upload.

Mario Kart Buddy

I need some Mario Kart buddies in my life.