Satoru Kosaki, Yu Miyake, (Namco Sound Team) - Destiny Remix [End Theme]
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Theme of R: Racing Evolution- Destiny

Playstation Vita?

I was about to go and trade in my original PSP towards the purchase of a Vita but dam, with that weak lineup of of present and future games, I think im going to hold off. As bad as the 3DS launch was, at least I got Zelda and Starfox down the road…. I cant see a title besides Gravity Rush that I would actually buy on the thing… There’s only so much times  I can play Modnation and Little Big Planet.. Hope things look up for this handheld.

Yoshimi from Motorstorm Apocalypse.

Mash from Motorstorm Apocalypse.

Gaming then and now.

The thing I miss about gaming from back in the day was the surprise of things. I miss getting a game and being surprised by the characters and content in the game. In a strange way also I miss when companies had total control making their games. I feel like most games now are just runned by the fans in a sense. Company kills a character now people bitch and the character is back out of no where, its the small things like that  that kinda irritate me.